Sunday, 10 November 2013

What I Wore: falling


I haven only written one outfit post since I started school and that was just a 'catch-up' post to tell you that I'm still alive and well, just stressing about universities, essays and more essays! The clocks have gone back and so it's becoming almost impossible for me to take photos unless it's the weekends as I get home and it's already dark. But the leaves are falling and turning gorgeous colours of reds, oranges and browns that I couldn't not take a photo of the above tree.

I wanted to show you what I normally wear to school on a daily basis - fascinating stuff, eh! I'm becoming quite lazy with what I wear and because it's getting very chilly, a hoodie and jeans are a perfect combination for me. I adore these Zara 'jeggings' - the crazy print coupled with the comfy fit scream 'HANNAH!'. Or just crazy girl who likes to wear jeans that can give you a headache if you stare too long at the pattern. Depending on what kind of top you wear, it can be dressed up or down, smart or casual, day to night.

I've also been living in this Primark hoodie/jacket/whatever you call it. It is so warm and snuggly and there are so many different colours that I could buy one for each day of the week and wear it with jeans or leggings or skirt and getting dressed every morning would be so much easier! Yes, I don't know why I blog about fashion etc. because if I was given the opportunity, I most definitely would go to school in my duvet. Please tell me I'm not alone..?

I've also given my blog a face lift and tweaked my blog design because I wasn't pleased with what it previously looked like. If you scroll to the top of my blog, you will see lots of pages which you can click on to find out more about me, how to say hello, 101 things to do before I'm old and boring and blogs I love. I hope you like it - please tell me if I can make any improvements!

~Hannah xx
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  1. loveeeee your jeans, so funky! xx

    1. Thanks Ellie - I guess you could put it that way ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks - I love them too, very comfy but look smart at the same time!

  3. I really like your boots, i've been after a new pair but haven't found anything suitable yet! Yours are lovely, i like the quilted detailing. Off to check out your blog roll now, need some new ones to follow x

    1. Thank you. These are from Debenhams and I was surprised by the quality and variety of different boots and brands in the shoe department - definitely worth checking out!


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