Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What I Wore | Memoirs of a Geisha


For an 'Around the Wolrd' party, I decided to dress up as a geisha (not a geisha girl, fyi - there is a difference!). It was a very last minute idea as I found a beautiful kimono in New Look for £19.99 on the day of the party. Obviously, this isn't true geisha clothing but you get the idea - it was a simple and easy outfit to put together.

Apologies for all the pictures of my face, but I wanted to show you my attempts in the hair and make up department.

I wasn't really prepared for geisha make up, especially painting my face white, nor did I realise that I needed pinky-red eyeshadow. Instead I went for winged eyeliner (which you can't see on my monolids..) and some bright red lipstick (Natural Collection Lipstick in 'Scarlett' £1.99 - bargain!). You might even be able to see my vain attempt at contouring my cheeks, but I am not sure if it worked..!

The hair took me ages as it involve a lot of backcombing and fiddly twisting etc, something which is very hard to do when you can't see the back of your head! The second part of the theme was to come with flowers in your hair, so I nicked some flowers from the garden and used them (with lots of clips) instead of chopsticks to secure my hair in place.

So, there you have it, with a bit more organisation and preparation - particularly make up wise - you can have a really nice geisha outfit with minimal effort! Unless you really want to get the hair right...

~Hannah xx
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

TAG | Summer

After reading the Summer tag on MAKE UP SAVVY , I wanted to share with you my favourite things about summer.

#1. What is your favourite thing about summer?
As I've just finished school, it's having the freedom to relax and no pressure to do anything this time. The summer holdays also give me a chance to catch up on reading, I've already downloaded 20 books on my Kindle to read.

#2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?
Drinking a Shirley Temple instantly reminds me of summer.

#3. Is there a location you like to go to each summer?
The South of France is particularly beautiful in the summer and my family like to visit Cannes. It has the right mix of bustling city life and relaxaing on the beach but all within walking distance of shops, restaurants and hotels.

#4. Favourite make up look for summer?
No make up at all? I find it a hassle and it just sweats off my face! :/

#5. Dresses or skirts?
I prefer shorts because they are easier to wear and don't let you flash everyone when it's windy, but dresses are a lot easier than skirts. Much easier to accessorise, more flattering and easier to throw on.

#6. Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals and flip flops. Otherwise pumps can make your feet too hot and your feet won't be aerated sweaty - mmmm..!

#7. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for summer?
Up and out of the way, especially in the day when it's hot and sunny because my dark hair is like a radiator!

#8. Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?
Can I say both if I could pull it off?

#9. Favourite perfume for summer?
The beachy smell of summer - how poetic...

#10. Last but not least, favourite music for summer?
After seeing the film, I fell in love with The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, particularly the three songs by Birdy (Best Shot, T Shirt and Not About Angels) - she has an amazing voice! Plus, it has Tom Odell, Kodaline and Jake Bugg on it!

So, I hope you now know why summer is my favourite season because it means relaxing and sunny weather (when you are not in England)! I tag all of you who read this to do this tag and link me so I can find out about your favourite summer things too!

~Hannah xx
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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Beauty Bits | Leavers' Ball Hair and Make Up

If you hadn't guessed already from the lack of beauty posts on this blog, I am quite lazy in regards to make up. It's enough for me when I have to wash my face and apply lots of different lotions and potions every morning and night! My lack of make up has many benefits because you do not have to get up an extra 30 minutes earlier, it's cheaper and you are less likely to develop spots.

Unfortunately, this means that I am really incompetent when it comes to applying my make up (more specifically, my right eye!). I like to wear make up when I feel like I am in need of an extra 'pazazz' - you know I like you and I've made a big effort, if I am wearing mascara!

So, I thought I'd introduce a new feature called BEAUTY BITS which will detail my adventures involving lipstick, bronzer and those dreaded machines of torture called eyelash curlers!

Today, I wanted to show you my hair and make up from my Leavers' Ball post. It actually took me all afternoon to 'get ready' because at first, I wasn't sure what I wanted, so be thankful, I didn't try to film it! It would have probably been at least one hour without cutting...


Simple make up always works and never overpowers what you're wearinf, or that is what I tell myself!

Eyes-wise, I used my Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Liquid Liner to do my winged eyeliner. I am really bad at making my winged eyeliner match up, so I felt amazing when it turned out okay this time.. Then I used a mixture of eyelash curler and multiple mascaras to make my eyes awake/big. Then, it was crossing my fingers and hoping all my effort wouldn't smudge - spoiler alert - it did!

On my face, I used Garnier's BB Cream for Oily Skin (wahay!) because I feel like I can get away with minimal coverage. And I tried to contour my face with Sleek to make it look a bit more interesting. Fortunately, due to past experiences, I avoided the blusher and therefore, the clown look!

I blotted my Natural Collection Lipstick in Raspberry on my lips because I just wanted some natural-looking colour. It doesn't really come through in the photos, but hopefully it just plumped my lips up.

My face is a weird oval-y egg shape so having it all up would probably have accentuated my large noggin', whilst having my hair free would be difficult to keep out of the food way. I knew that I could get away with my hair down, even though my dress had straps, so having a 'half-up, half-down' do meant that I could tame the mane! Dead straight hair would have accentuated my long face but using my ENRAPTURE TOTEM STYLER, I created curls which widened my face and highlighted my cheekbones.

Since I cannot even do a French plait in my hair, I kept it super simple by plaiting the two sides of my hair and clipping it back with bobby pins. If I hadn't be rushed, I did it in the car, then I would have used prettier clips etc but oh well, it looked good from the front, I hope!

Disclaimer: As you can see, I really don't have a clue about what I am doing with my face/hair. Just don't figure put what you are doing on the day, maybe practice beforehand!
What do you think?

~Hannah xx
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What I Wore | Leavers' Ball


After 7 years of laughing, crying and being weird in general, I feel that I am definitely ready to leave. But not before I attend a school ball to watch my teachers get a bit too tipsy and start dancing, badly!

Another benefit? I get to go dress shopping!

I found this dress in the Sale at House of Fraser and as someone who loves a bargain - MY PROM DRESS was under £20 from TK Maxx - I couldn't resist! It actually cost nearly the same amount to alter it because it was too long for my hobbitness.

My favourite thing about this dress is the colour, I desperately wanted a green dress because, as petty as it sounds, everyone usually wears blue. Plus, I love the jade or forest green colour which goes well with my skin tone. Unfortunately, the sun has bleached the colour of my dress in the photos (if you couldn't tell from my squinting) so it comes out as a pale green, the photo on the WEBSITE gives a proper indication of the colour.

The straps, v-neck and v-back and the pleating hopefully gives me the illusion of height as it draws the eye up and down. Although, the empire waistline with beading and sequins does attract your eye because of its sparkliness. But, who can't resist a bit of sparkle on a ballgown? That is what makes it extra special and, I hope, tasteful!

In my post on Friday, I will be talking about my hair and make up if that interests you, it took my ages to get ready because I am so incompetent at curling and braiding my hair!

So, what do you think about my dress? Good choice or bad?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

~Hannah xx